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Market Landscape
Gain a competitive advantage by exploring unbiased, up-to-date data on your industry, competitors, potential buyers, market trends, new technologies and applications. Develop the ultra-targeted product, marketing and sales strategies you need to capture the market.
Meet Intelliscope, your handy browser extension that gives you lead information all in one place. Get granular information on scientific prospects, their papers, grants and their collaborators. Collaborators too? Yes, you just doubled your leads, saved time and got all the info you need to make that well-informed prospecting call. Good job!
This is just like Intelliscope but made to work in your Salesforce platform. Research your leads and contacts from the comfort of your own CRM account. Find their collaborators and what they’re working on – better yet – find the Champions you already have in your own Salesforce.
  • Product Managers
  • Marketing Specialists
  • Business Development
  • Identify highly qualified leads with grants
  • Understand your current market & validate new markets
  • Create highly personalized micro-targeted campaigns
  • Sales Representatives
  • Business Development
  • Enrich leads without leaving your CRM
  • Stay up-to-date on all scientific grants & publications from existing leads
  • Leverage existing contacts to open new opportunities
  • Sales Representatives
  • Business Development
  • Qualify leads in 30 seconds
  • Prioritize leads that are ready to close
  • Have warm conversations based on their scientific work
Your GPS for the Scientific Market

Our platform, developed by scientists and top industry leaders, empowers you to:

  • Unify information from global scientific market data sources
  • Optimize marketing and sales strategies using robust, unbiased information
  • Harvest unique insights and leads that fall out of the scope of our competitors

Go Forth with Confidence

Our solution is designed to make your decision and operation workflows insightful, actionable and grounded in data. Easily align your teams with your tools for CRM, Marketing Automation, Email Campaigning and so much more.

Made by Scientists

We’ve been there. During our time in academia we ran the experiments, we used the devices, we faced similar struggles - and now we’re on the business side. We’re strategically positioned to guide both you and your customers.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

A tool is only as useful as the person who uses it, therefore we work with you to provide tailored training and advice in line with your targets. As former scientists, collaboration is baked-in to what we do. Let’s succeed together!

Always Improving

We’ve indexed millions of papers and grants, key insights from leaders in industry and academia, integrated with key CRMs, etc., but it’s not enough. Science isn’t a one-man job, so if we’re missing something you need, tell us!

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