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We envision a Large Language Model (LLM) powered marketplace that revolutionizes the exploration, understanding, and acquisition of technical solutions.

Our vision is to simplify the process of accessing and procuring cutting-edge technology.

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Buying and selling deep tech products is
biased resource intensive inefficient and inconsistent

Suppliers’ websites offer a limited webshop experience failing to address the complexity of the technologies, application areas, integration challenges, regulatory and compliance risks, security concerns, and proven use cases.

Suppliers often rely on product and application specialists to bridge the gap between complex technologies and customers. This manpower-driven approach aims to offer personalized guidance but cannot be scaled.

Market insights reveal that buyers typically consult with 3.5 suppliers and spend only 5% of their decision-making time with each, allocating 12% to exploring alternatives. The race to be the first to address a buyer’s needs is critical, with the first supplier winning 74% of the time.

The time is right for an LLM powered

deep-tech market place

Our journey with over 80 technology suppliers, including giants like ThermoFisher Scientific, Bruker, Merck, Agilent and Ametek has underscored the challenges in sales and the unmet needs in the market, spanning from the lack of effective sales interactions to the absence of a comprehensive platform for buyers to access and compare technical solutions.

Through our data - 65M research papers, 15M patents, 5M grants, 450K tech companies, 5M experts - and intelligence tools - for market mapping, segmentation and lead generation - we’ve facilitated solutions - for market intelligence, tech scouting, sales support, buyer’s assistance, buyer/seller matchmaking.

Yet the gap in the market remains. And by continuously developing our capabilities - from data collection, Machine Learning, prompt engineering and fine-tuning GPTs to our own AI assistant - the time is right for a deep-tech LLM to tap into new avenues for growth.

Our 10 year master plan


Data & capabilities

Lead generation SaaS

Sales support

Market intelligence services

Purchasing support services


Data (research papers, patents, grants, tech companies, experts, products ...)

Machine Learning

Prompt engineering and fine-tuning

LLM powered AI Assistant

proprietary LLM




Seller + Buyer





Leadership Team

Dr. Mehdi Farzanehpour


Trained scientist with a Phd in Quantum Physics with deep-tech industry application experience.

Andreas Oszkiel


MBA, MA with specialization in workflow automation, data management, and getting hard things done.

Jon Ezeiza


Computer Scientist with specialization in AI, ML, NLP and big data engineering.

Amauri Ayala Mendoza

Head of Growth

International Business Administration and sales wizard with specialization in commercial SaaS.

Market Opportunity

Leveraging the impressive 2022 revenue figures across various deep-tech sectors, we have identified a significant market opportunity. The combined revenues from key verticals such as Compute Hardware Technology ($1.4 trillion) [1], Biotechnology, Health, and Life Sciences ($1.38 trillion) [2], Clean Energy ($2.56 trillion) [3], Sustainable Technologies ($13.76 billion) [4], Materials and Manufacturing ($61.35 billion) [5], Robotics and Automation ($72.17 billion) [6], Aviation and Aerospace ($741 billion) [7], and Sustainable Agriculture and Food Production ($13.73 billion) [8] amounted to a staggering $4.84 trillion. By tapping into this vast market, we envision capturing a conservative estimate of 10% of this marketplace through our platform. With a strategic focus on monetization, for example through commissions, we aim to secure a 5% share of this potential market segment, positioning us for substantial growth and profitability in the deep-tech industry.

Production Process

Stages / Verticals

Compute Hardware Technologies

Biotechnology, Health, and Life Sciences

Clean Energy

Sustainable Technologies

Materials and Manufacturing

Robotics and Automation

Aviation and Aerospace

Sustainable Agriculture and Food Production

Material Sourcing

Mining companies, chemical suppliers (e.g., Dow, BASF)

Biorepositories, chemical suppliers (e.g., Sigma-Aldrich, Thermo Fisher Scientific)

Mining companies, biofuel producers (e.g., Albemarle, POET)

Recycling companies, bioplastic producers (e.g., TerraCycle, NatureWorks)

Raw material suppliers, alloy producers (e.g., Alcoa, DuPont)

Component suppliers, material science firms (e.g., Bosch, Honeywell)

Material suppliers, composite manufacturers (e.g., Hexcel, Toray Industries)

Seed suppliers, fertilizer producers (e.g., Monsanto, Yara International)

Production Equipment

Semiconductor equipment manufacturers (e.g., ASML, Applied Materials)

Lab equipment manufacturers (e.g., Beckman Coulter, Becton Dickinson)

Renewable energy equipment manufacturers (e.g., Siemens Gamesa, Tesla)

Recycling machinery, 3D printer manufacturers (e.g., SSI Shredding Systems, Stratasys)

Machine tool manufacturers, 3D printer companies (e.g., Haas Automation, 3D Systems)

Robotics companies, automation equipment firms (e.g., ABB, KUKA)

Aircraft engine manufacturers, avionics firms (e.g., GE Aviation, Honeywell Aerospace)

Farming machinery, aquaculture system manufacturers (e.g., John Deere, AKVA Group)

Research & Product Development

Chip design firms, hardware startups (e.g., ARM, Intel)

Biotech firms, pharmaceutical companies (e.g., Genentech, Pfizer)

Clean energy startups, R&D labs (e.g., NextEra Energy, NREL)

Sustainable product startups, R&D firms (e.g., Ecovative Design, Ecover)

Material science labs, R&D startups (e.g., Corning, 3M)

AI research labs, robotics startups (e.g., DeepMind, Boston Dynamics)

Aerospace R&D firms, design bureaus (e.g., Boeing, SpaceX)

Agri-tech firms, food science labs (e.g., AeroFarms, Impossible Foods)

Manufacturing & Production

Semiconductor foundries, electronics assemblers (e.g., TSMC, Foxconn)

Pharmaceutical manufacturers, medical device companies (e.g., Merck, Medtronic)

Solar panel manufacturers, wind turbine assemblers (e.g., First Solar, Vestas)

Eco-friendly manufacturers, biodegradable product producers (e.g., Method, Green Toys)

Advanced material producers, manufacturers (e.g., Nucor, GE Additive)

Robot manufacturers, automation system integrators (e.g., Fanuc, Rockwell Automation)

Aircraft manufacturers, spacecraft builders (e.g., Airbus, Blue Origin)

Food processors, vertical farming companies (e.g., Tyson Foods, Plenty)

Quality Control & Testing

Testing service providers, certification labs (e.g., UL, Intertek)

Clinical research organizations, testing labs (e.g., IQVIA, LabCorp)

Energy certification agencies, testing services (e.g., DNV GL, TÜV SÜD)

Environmental impact assessors, certification bodies (e.g., SCS Global Services, BSI)

Testing labs, quality control consultants (e.g., Element Materials Technology, SGS)

Testing and certification services, safety consultants (e.g., TÜV Rheinland, CSA Group)

Flight testing services, safety consultants (e.g., National Test Pilot School, L3Harris Technologies)

Food safety labs, quality control services (e.g., NSF International, Eurofins)

End Product Producers

Consumer electronics brands, enterprise hardware providers (e.g., Apple, Dell)

Medical device manufacturers, biotech product companies (e.g., Boston Scientific, Amgen)

Renewable energy system producers (e.g., SunPower, GE Renewable Energy)

Sustainable product manufacturers (e.g., Seventh Generation, Preserve)

Component and product manufacturers (e.g., Siemens, Honeywell)

Robotics system producers (e.g., iRobot, Yaskawa Electric)

Aircraft and spacecraft manufacturers (e.g., Boeing, SpaceX)

Food production companies, agri-tech producers (e.g., Beyond Meat, John Deere)

Logistics & Distribution

Electronics distributors, logistics firms (e.g., Ingram Micro, FedEx)

Pharmaceutical distributors, medical logistics companies (e.g., AmerisourceBergen, UPS Healthcare)

Energy equipment distributors, utility service providers (e.g., Schneider Electric, National Grid)

Eco-product distributors, waste management firms (e.g., Clean Harbors, Republic Services)

Industrial distributors, supply chain logistics (e.g., MSC Industrial Supply, XPO Logistics)

Robotics and automation equipment distributors (e.g., Digi-Key, Mouser Electronics)

Aerospace parts distributors, logistics services (e.g., Aviall, DHL Global Forwarding)

Food distributors, supply chain services (e.g., US Foods, Performance Food Group)

Afterlife & Recycling

E-waste recyclers, material recovery facilities (e.g., Sims Recycling Solutions, ERI)

Biomedical waste management, recycling services (e.g., Stericycle, Clean Harbors)

Solar panel recycling, battery disposal firms (e.g., Recycle PV Solar, Call2Recycle)

Recycling centers, circular economy initiatives (e.g., TerraCycle, Circular Economy Solutions)

Material recycling firms, remanufacturing services (e.g., Schnitzer Steel, Rethink Robotics)

Robot disassembly, component recycling (e.g., Stena Technoworld, Greentec)

Aircraft decommissioning, parts recycling (e.g., Aircraft End-of-Life Solutions, AFRA)

Organic waste composting, agricultural recycling (e.g., Waste Management, AgRecycle)




$484B USD



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[7] Aerospace and defense (A&D) performance and outlook - PwC - https://www.pwc.com/us/en/industries/industrial-products/library/aerospace-defense-review-and-forecast.html

[8] North America Spearheads Global Sustainable Farming Market -




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ARR / Team Member

We are seeking $9.7M to accelerate key goals.

The funding supports company building, product development road map, and achieves critical milestones:

1) establish a core presence in the US,

2) strengthen the team,

3) kick-off development on proprietary LLM and marketplace.

Scitodate has received pre-seed investment ($1M) from startup incubator Rockstart, business angels and experienced entrepreneurs Marko Dobreschelski, Glas Frog Ventures and prominent investor Plug and Play (Silicon Valley). The goal is to raise $9.7M and close the round by July 1st, 2024.

LLM powered marketplace for deep-tech

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