Who we are?

We are committed to driving the ​next industrial revolution with ​knowledge. Our core mission is the ​Industrialized Knowledge Factory—

a concept featuring sophisticated ​systems for knowledge ​management, enabling humans to ​lead and oversee technological ​advancement.


Active clients

€1+ Mln

ARR in 2023

Our mission

Our vision

Free smart people from ​'stupid' work.

Finding, selecting, and ​purchasing technical ​products for high-tech ​companies.

Our values

Our foundation is built upon the holy trinity of Knowledge, Resources, and Execution. These pillars guide our relentless ​pursuit of understanding and innovation. We strive to:

Gather Knowledge

We delve into the deepest realms of ​science, from quantum computing to ​fusion energy, to harness the ultimate ​understanding that drives monumental ​achievements.

Accumulate Resources

We reinvest our gains to fuel a virtuous ​cycle of knowledge expansion and ​superior execution.

Execute with Precision

Our actions are informed by our ​knowledge, ensuring that every step we ​take is a leap towards progress.

Pivotal moments of 2023

Our journey is as unique as the solutions we provide.

In the heart of Portugal, Scitodate was born out of a desire to accelerate science. Founded in 2017 by Mehdi, a passionate ​scientist, and Jon, and IT genius, our company has grown from a humble startup to a leading global player in the deep ​tech field.

Renewed value proposition

Changed the emphasizes from our commitment to employing ​cutting-edge technologies, to offer unparalleled market insights ​and strategic outreach to our clients.

Rapid Client Expansion: From 23 to 39 Active Clients

Our dedication to providing exceptional value to our clients ​resulted in substantial growth throughout the year. We are ​thrilled to announce that we increased our active client base ​from 23 to an impressive 39 clients in just one year.

Joining the Plug & Play network of growing innovative startups

Renowned for its exceptional ecosystem, providing unparalleled ​support, resources, and opportunities for startups to thrive and ​succeed. As a dynamic accelerator and venture capital firm, ​Plug & Play has a proven track record of nurturing and ​catapulting startups to new heights.

Selected among top 10 start-ups for ScaleNL US Cohort

To further strengthen our foothold in the industry, Scitodate ​participated in the esteemed ScaleNL US West Coast Cohort ​2023, a program designed to help promising startups expand in ​the US.

AI Empowerment for Scientific Advancement

Our initiative, MirrorThink.ai, offers a broad range of ​technologies to advance and automate manual work. This has ​resonated widely, with 27,000 signups from researchers around ​the globe.

Our approach

Revolutionizing market engagement: Data-Driven Precision for Unmatched Results

At Scitodate, we believe in the power of expertise, market insight, and trust-based relationships. We understand the challenges that companies face when expanding into new markets—challenges like identifying opportunities and building new relationships. Traditional marketing methods, with their abysmal conversion rates, are not only inefficient but also a poor use of the valuable time of highly skilled product specialists.

To address these inefficiencies, Scitodate has developed a cutting-edge market engagement and precision outreach solution. Powered by data and AI, our platform revolutionizes the way deep-tech suppliers connect with prospects, boasting an impressive conversion rate of up to 35% from lead to demo. This not only streamlines the sales process but also unlocks significant commercial opportunities.

Our Team

Meet the Minds Behind the Magic

Our team is our greatest asset. A diverse group of talented individuals, each member brings a wealth of experience and a unique perspective to the table. From our dedicated engineers to our creative marketers, every person at Scitodate plays a crucial role in our success.

Mehdi Farzanehpour


Trained scientist with ​a Phd in Quantum ​Physics with deep-​tech industry ​application ​experience.

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Andreas Oszkiel


MBA, MA with ​specialization in ​workflow automation ​and data management.

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Jon Ezeiza


Computer Scientist with ​specialization in AI, ML, ​NLP and big data ​engineering.

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Amauri Ayala Mendoza

Head of Growth

International Business ​Administration and ​sales wizard with ​specialization in ​commercial SaaS.

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Artur Khanin

Data Engineer

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Harisson Williams

Account Executive

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Mohammad ​Farzanehpour

Solutions Architect

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Pooya Khoshbakht

Head of Product

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Carreers at Scitodate.

A driven team

At Scitodate, we seek individuals who embody our ​values and are driven by a passion for progress. Our ​team members are front runners on a mission, ​requiring minimal oversight as they navigate towards ​our collective goals with their innate curiosity, hard ​work, discipline, and thrift.

We invite you to explore our world and join us in our ​quest to be a force behind humanity’s progress.

Jo​in us!

Precision market engagement

for suppliers of deep-tech

powered by data and AI

Done for you

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Application landscaping

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