• We sit together (face2face or live video) and dig deep into your current customer's research profile
  • We extract the blueprint of their research.


  • We translate the learning from the on-boarding session to an extensive query for the AI-engine.
  • We tune the AI-engine to exactly find the target customers you are looking for.


  • Here is when we deliver the test results.
  • We deliver a list of researchers which the AI-engine found.
  • Your feedback after reviewing is put back into engine for further tuning.

Prospect Delivery

  • You receive highly targeted prospects right into your inbox with the frequency you want. (Check it out)
  • You can talk about the content with the prospect as we deliver their key publications
  • We find you their homepage and also their contact info.
what you get.png


  • You have the control.

  • Market segmentation on the go, we progressively tune the targeting based on your feedback. (Check it out)

  • No learning curve, we do all the work and deliver you what matters.

Personalized emails (Extra)

  • We make you personalized emails so you can save time in approaching your prospects.
  • The essence of the prospect's work is included in the email to improve the conversion rates.