Scientific research easy to FIND and UNDERSTAND

What is Scitodate?

At Scitodate we provide actionable business intelligence by mapping the latest developments in scientific research. We develop state of the art AI algorithms to identify, extract and predict scientific details from of each individual research article.

Raising €1M seed round in December 2018

2017-2019 Roadmap


Google Maps and LinkedIn Sales Navigator for Science

Sales Navigator for Science.

Whole addressable market at your fingertips

  • Challenge, Sales and Marketing in the research world:

    Experimental research is done using very expensive instruments ranging from $200K to $2M. Selling these devices is very inefficient and costly as their applications are very niche and their customers are scattered around the world. They have to physically attend many trade shows and scientific conferences.

  • Solution: We map out their whole addressable market in a central platform, with all their potential customers in it.

    We can do this automatically and efficiently by applying state-of-the-art AI to mine the publications of all scientists.

    Customers can use the Scitodate Market Landscape to see everyone in their addressable market, what they are working on and if they are using competitor products.

Business Model

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Current Market

We operate in the Scientific Research Equipment Market. Our customers produce high capital instruments, such as DNA sequencers, specialized microscopes and high intensity pulse lasers. We use our own technologies to extract the name of the manufacturer mentions in scientific publications. We have identified more than 40,000 these companies, each with at least 100 scientists as their customers.

Future markets:

  • Pharmaceutical and medical devices for pre-clinical tests.

  • R&D companies for recruiting highly specialized professionals.


  • Monocl from Sweden, Founded in 2011, 33 employees.

  • Facten from France, Founded in 2012, 9 employees.

  • SciLeads from UK, Founded in 2014, 5 employees.

Competitive advantage: Indexing more articles, In-house development of AI algorithms, Integration of marketing and sales teams into one common platform.

Core Team

Mehdi Farza PhD.    CEO, Field expert.

Mehdi Farza PhD.

CEO, Field expert.

Jon Ezieza    CTO, AI specialist

Jon Ezieza

CTO, AI specialist

Amauri Ayala Mendoza    Head of Sales, go getter.

Amauri Ayala Mendoza

Head of Sales, go getter.

Guido Jansen    Data Scientist, AI specialist

Guido Jansen

Data Scientist, AI specialist

Company info:
Company name: Scitodate B.V.
Founded: May 2017
Contact person: Mehdi Farza
Email: mehdi@scitodate.com
Mobile: +31 644 699 917